Comber Noil

100% Cotton Comber Noil

Cotton Comber or Comber Noil is a by-product of the cotton yarn spinning industry produced when cotton is combed to remove short fibers. We provide the best quality of comber noil which is defect free and pure cotton



Blend Packing Verity Length Strength Mic. Trash
100%cotton 130 to 160 kg/Bale Comber 15 to 21 m.m. 17 to 19 2.5 to 3.5 0 - 00%



  •  Trash Free/ controlled/ restricted It is Pure
  •  Lightweight & sustainable
  •  Available in Standard Export Packing Bales 160 kg to 170 kg

  Application :

  • Used in making cotton balls, cotton pads, and cotton buds
  • O.E spinning Mill
  • Surgical items
  • Cosmetics