Knitted Fabrics

In Knitted Fabric range we cover basics (Single Jersey, Rib, Interlock), Auto-stripers, Jacquards, Drop Needle, Computerized Jacquards, Lycras & Fleece Fabrics. Fabrics are in 100% Cotton to 100% Polyester & Various Blends of Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Terry, Lycra, Lurex, and their blends.

  • COUNTS: 20s to 60s  in Combed & Carded
  • GUAGE: 18gg / 20gg / 24gg / 28gg / 32gg
  • DIAMETER: As per buyer’s requirement 
  • WIDTHS: Tubular and open width forms, also in body size tubular forms.

GSM, Stitch Length & Slit Line / Selvedge as per buyer’s requirement