Pneumafil Cotton Waste

Pneumafil Cotton Waste is obtained during the process of yarn producing. It consists of homogenous fibers, available in thickness ranging from 24-28mm. It has a very soft texture, gentle for the skin. Pneumafil has a natural white color. Pneumafil web is pure and free from any trash contamination.
A pneumafil is a long and narrow bundle of fiber. pneumafil are produced during the process of making spun yarn from fine quality raw cotton.
After carding & combing, the fibers lie roughly parallel in smooth bundles. These are drawn out, by hand or machine, and its long lengths suitable for spinning.


Span Length 31mm
Strength 26 grams/tex
Mic 3.5 to 4.0
Color Natural
Trash 0%

Features :

  • Made from 100% cotton process
  • It is superior than raw cotton
  • Available in 30’s to 50’s counts

Application :

  • Used in Ring Frame to spin carded counts up to 28’s with good strength and quality
  • Used in Terry Towel Yarn and Denim Yarn
  • Used in Fancy /Neppy yarn
  • Used in the surgical industry