Cotton Yarn is naturally soft and lustrous with a high twist finish. The fabric made from Cotton Yarn provides at most comfortable to wear. We can use cotton fabrics in all weather conditions. It gives warmth in cold weather and cools in warm weather conditions. 100 % pure Cotton Yarn provides high strength to the fabrics which improve the quality of cotton garments. Cotton fabric is the choice of all age groups starting from baby to adult. It can be used in all climates and in all trends. We offer both carded and combed yarn in various count required by our clients. We never compromise with the quality standards that vitally lead more revenue to us.
We can also provide differences in types of Yarn. Yarn is widely used by fabric manufacturers across the world. We supply and export yarns according to the requirement of the global clients as well as the clients around India. Our standard reflects our quality services and on time delivery. We provide optimum quality cotton yarns for textile industries at the best competitive price.

Product Category Product Info
100% Cotton Yarns  Ne 4s-160s Carded & Combed Single, as well as TFO / Ring, Doubled yarns for Knitting / Weaving
Open-End Yarns  OE 6s-20s single and TFO doubled from 100% Virgin Cotton, Cotton Waste, T/C blended in ratio 65:35 & 52:48 for Knitting / Weaving
Manmade Fiber Yarns  Ne 10s-80s 100% Polyester, 100% Viscose, Poly/Viscose blended in ratio 65:35 & 52:48 for Knitting / Weaving
100% Cotton Gassed Mercerised Yarns  Ne 20/2 – 120/2 TFO / Ring Doubled Gassed Mercerised yarns for Knitting / Weaving
Melange Yarns  Ne 10s-60s Single and TFO Doubled 100% Cotton Melange, T/C Melange & T/R Melange for Knitting / Weaving
Core-Spun Yarns  Ne 10s-40s Core Spun with Lycra/ Spandex/Roica in 40D/70D coated with  100% Cotton carded/combed.
Compact Yarns  Ne 10s-80s Compact yarns made on Suessen Elite / Rieter COM4 machines
Slub Yarns  OE 6s-16s Amsler Slub and Ne 7s-40s Ring Slub for Knitting / Weaving
Special Fiber Yarns ( like
Modal, Tencel/Lyocell)
 Ne 10s-40s 100% Modal, 100% Tencel, Modal / Cotton blends, Tencel /    Cotton blends
Dyed Yarns  Ne 16s-40s 100% Cotton Fiber dyed / Cone dyed, T/R dyed, T/C dyed
Acrylic Yarns  100% Acrylic Grey yarns – Wet Spun / Dry Spun Acrylic in High Bulk
as well as Non-Bulk, Acrylic/ Cotton blends
Organic Yarns  Ne 16s-40s 100% Organic yarn, Organic blends with normal cotton